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The winner for RCSRUS2 Will be announced shortly!


Deadline is 15, 2022

Custom content

HPI Savage X

- Completely redesigned chassis

- 3mm thick aluminum chassis plates

- Center skid plate

- Molded body components

- Awesome 6S power

-Powerful 2200kV motor

- Redesigned quick access battery trays

Custom content

HPI Savage XL Flux

- Bulletproof metal drivetrain

- Extra Long wheelbase

- Forged Differential gears

- Awesome 6s power

- powerful 2200kV motor 

- 62 MPH out of the box

What all do I win?

We are glad you asked!

The winner will receive:

One brand new HPI Savage X Flux

- One brand new HPI Savage XL Flux

- One multi-port battery charger

- Two brand new 3s LiPo batteries 

-RCs R US Gear pack

- over $1800 in Prizes

How do I enter? 

The time to enter The RCSRUS2 has closed!

How does this work?

That's also easy! 

1. Click the Link above and get entered for free

2. Refer your friends for extra points

3. Purchase items in our virtual hobby shop to gain even more points

(every $1 spent = 1 more entry)

 BONUS - You also receive your referred friend's points!

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